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top pressure washing service oviedo

Best Pressure Cleaning Service in Central Florida

Our team is known for our exceptional work with cleaning the various areas of your building, sidewalk, and driveways. With our affordable rates, almost anyone can afford to get a high quality pressure washing in Orlando.

Drake’s Pressure Washing

has over 10 years of experience with pressure cleaning jobs of all sizes. Our team is dedicated to helping our customers maintain the curb appeal of their homes and businesses. Which is why we have affordable services for residential and commercial needs. Call us today to get an estimate on what you need cleaned!

Serving Residential and Commercial Customers for Pressure Washing in Central, FL.

Best Pressure Washing Service in Orlando, FL.

Check out some of the great work we have done around town. Our pressure washing services in Orlando are highly rated for our exceptional thoroughness.

roof pressure washing in oviedo

Driveway Pressure Washing in Orlando

We are able to handle any kind of driveway pressure washing in Orlando no matter how long it has been since you last cleaned them.

Sidewalks Pressure Washing in Orlando

You can call on us for a reliable pressure cleaning service in Orlando. We have been in business for over a decade proving help for residential and commercial customers.

Pool Deck Pressure Washing in Orlando

We can also take care of your pool patios and pool decks for very reasonable prices. Ask us about what kind of offers we can give you for multiple areas of your property.

Pressure Washing Orlando FL

Check out our awesome reviews online! We have a great track record of bringing value to our clients that need a nicer looking exterior of their property. When it comes to offering high quality pressure washing services at excellent prices, no one does it better!

Our pricing is competitive because we care about the amount that we charge for our expertise. We love providing people with thorough pressure cleaning services and we think that everyone should be able to keep their home or business looking clean. We have affordable pricing on our pressure cleaning services in Orlando so that you can maintain the value of your property without paying an arm and a leg.


Roof Soft Washing in Orlando. Orlando Roof Cleaning Experts.

Drake’s Pressure Washing has the perfect crew to take on residential or commercial roof soft washing. We have the expertise that it takes to safely wash off the years’ worth of dirt and grime from your roof. Unlike the others, we know how to properly clean off your roof. Others may end up damaging your roof from the excess amount of pressure, however, our team knows how to use low pressure streams to get your roof looking new again!

Pressure Cleaning Service in Orlando, FL. Top Pressure Washing Company in Central Florida.

Call on our expert pressure washing team in Orlando to take years off of the look of your building! We have been able to clean out the dirtiest of all buildings in the area. Not just that, but we are also the right crew to make sure that all the stains can be lifted from areas like concrete and pavers. Don’t give up on your driveway yet, our special chemical treatment service can lift up some of the toughest stains that may be left on your driveway pavers.

Many years of letting your car drip oil and other chemicals onto your driveway can really take a toll on the pavers. Oil can stain the driveway because it seeps In if you have not had a seal coating done. Most people don’t keep up with their pavers as much as they should be, which is why we end up having to pressure clean the stains out of so many driveways!

Professional Roof Soft Washing in Orlando, FL. Roof Washing Contractors.

Take a look at some of the pictures that we have taken over the years. We are dedicated to making sure that each customer gets the same great experience with our pressure washing services in Orlando. Yes, we make sure to check out our comments in order to get all the feedback we can for our work. It is important to us to build our business off of doing great work for our customers. You can be sure that you will get value if you call on us to provide you with professional pressure cleaning in Orlando.

Feel free to leave us a nice review describing your experience and your results from our pressure washing work. We love hearing from our customers about how they can be proud of the look of their property!

It helps to be knowledgeable when pressure cleaning certain spots of a building. For example, there are some very delicate spots that make up a typical house. Soffits and Fascia can easily be damaged from someone who doesn’t really know what they are doing. Unfortunately, we see this happen all the time as a result of some negligence. If you want to avoid mistake like this, make sure to call on a professional pressure washing company in Orlando, like us!

Pressure Washing Oviedo. The Best Pressure Cleaning in Oviedo area.

Our Central Florida pressure washing team is originally based out of the Oviedo area. Most notable for its Oviedo Mall, this largely residential area of Orlando is where we have completed so many of our affordable pressure washing services. Ask us about our pricing on different types of areas around your residential property that you need to be cleaned up professionally.

Call Today for Affordable Pressure Washing Services!

Call us today if you have been thinking about cleaning up your home or business recently. We have specialists ready to answer your call and help you out with a free quote. Affordable pricing available for pressure washing in Oviedo. Call today and tell us about the different areas of your property that you want cleaned.


We would love to help transform the look of your home or business into something clean and impressive. Reach out to us with all the details of what you would like us to clean, and we will reach back out to you as soon as we can.

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