Central Florida Pressure Washing


  • Porches
  • Street Curbs
  • Houses
  • Brick Walls
  • Gutters
  • Soffits
  • Fascias

Starting Rates:


    Drake's Pressure Washing will not be held liable for any damages caused from high pressure water or chemical.

-Paint, stains, finishes, etc. may be removed or make imperfections more noticeable from pressure washing

-Remove any objects that are easily breakable such as plastic outdoor walkway lights, holiday decorations, lawn art, etc. An objects left will tried to be avoided but cannot be guaranteed.
(main cause high pressure hose hitting object)

-Concrete or any other material may streak or be damaged from high pressures we strongly try to prevent this but differences in concrete can effect result

-Chemical can kill plants, bleach fabrics, clothes, etc. or rust metals.
        suggested: turn on irrigation system after chemical has dried move objects that may be affected by harsh chemicals
Plants that are sensitive to light or salt may require more water

-Water Damage
    suggested: make sure door windows, and other areas where water may be able to enter are secure.

-Areas such as soffits, eaves, windows etc. can allow water to enter if not secure, if this occurs please notify Drake's Pressure Washing to stop immediately to prevent damage 
-Pictures may be taken of any job before, after or during

-Standard Driveway:$40(limited time only) Normal $60
     -(Standard Driveway approx. 600 sq.ft.)

-Standard Sidewalk: $20(limited time only) Normal $30

-Chemical Treatment: $25 (Amount may very due to quantity needed.)
         -(approx. 4 gallons included, approx. $5 per each additional gallon.)       

     -Rust and Oil Stain Treatment: $20(advance notice req.)

(Prices are subject to change based on fuel cost, tolls and larger projects.)

(Google Maps fastest route will determine route and distance.)
(government rate: $0.51 per mile.)

Competitors Rates:

-600sq.ft Driveway: $60-$100+

                              (.10 to .15+ per square foot)

Emergency Services:(short notice may result in scheduling conflicts)

-Same day if possible:        $50+

-Next day if possible:         $30-$40+

-Two days out if possible:  $20+


-Please give at least 48 hour notice if an appointment needs to be cancelled or rescheduled.

For appointments rescheduled the following will apply:

-Under 48hrs $10 surcharge

-Under 24hrs $20 surcharge

-Day of $25 surcharge
(Rescheduling surcharges apply to all deals and promotions)

Some of the service Drake's Pressure Washing provides are cleaning of:

For a quote please contact Drake at:
Phone: (407) 489-4774 call or text

 Drake's Pressure Washing 


  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Walkways
  • Fences
  • Docks
  • Pool Enclosures
  • Pool Decks

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